About me

Hi there, my name is Davide ( /ˈda.vi.de/ ), but I also answer to David, Davidé, or Davíde. Not Dave.

Most of my closest friends call me Takeshi (long story) and I do answer to that too

I was born in Monza, Italy, where I spent the first 33 years of my life. Then, thanks to a series of unrepeatable and unique coincidences, in November 2006 I moved to the beautiful city of York, thinking it was just a temporary thing. After five months, I knew there was no way back. I stayed three years in Yorkshire before moving down to London, where I spent nine more incredible years. Life is strange, and six months after attaining the British citizenship, I had the opportunity to move across the pond. And I took it.

Current home is Chicago.

If you want to know what I do for a living, check here.

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