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Disclaimer: last time I owned a car was in 2006 right before moving abroad. I don’t need it, I don’t miss it. Both in London and in Chicago it would be an unnecessary expense. Also in most of my previous trips I’ve preferred using public transports to move around: buses, train, shared buses…

Moving to the US I’ve discovered this, to me new, way of travelling: After a relatively short road trip with a mate from Chicago to Nashville in 2019, I really got into road-tripping in 2020 when I drove solo, the Route 66. Long desert roads, incredible everchanging landscapes: road trips in the US are different.

Chicago to Key West road trip

Chicago to Key West road trip

May 14, 2022

With the Route 66 I drove the year before, still in my eyes, I’ve decided to embark in a another road trip, this time in a different direction: South. […]

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