The American Dream

American cities

From New York to LA, from Chicago to Seattle, the US is not short of incredible cities. I started visiting this part of the world where I was still living in London. At first was NYC, multiple times. When I started working for Expedia Group, whose headquarter is in Seattle, I started traveling for work to the emerald city and, every time on my way back I was stopping in a new, different city. Since I now live in Chicago, I planned to visit more and more mid-size American cities. The 2020 pandemic didn’t help in that sense and for over 1 year I didn’t leave Illinois or even the Chicago borders. Now that it is over, the plan is to spend some long weekend in more and more US cities and towns.

Detroit, Michigan

Street Art and Music in Detroit, Michigan

May 26, 2022

Preamble: One night in February I drank a tad too much
– I’ve ended up buying a random number of music gigs tickets
– Woke up the day after to realize one of those gigs was in Detroit. Fast forward: guess I am going to Detroit.

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