Chicago to New Orleans

Day 2: Indianapolis IN to Louisville KY

Indianapolis to Louisville

Postcard from Louisville, Kentucky

I took it easy in the morning, leaving after 10 am, which was not my brightest idea ever, given the heat I drove through all afternoon.

A few miles past Indianapolis, bored with the straight and uneventful state roads, I started improvising, hitting random county roads – a few of which were unpaved – much to the utmost disappointment of the mighty GPS, which was forced to re-route every other time.

The closer I got to Kentucky, the browner the fences became, the whiter the houses, the pinkier the trees, the smoother the rolling hills were, the more numerous the horses, and, to my happiness, the bourbon distilleries.

Disclaimer: writing this slightly hungover after a couple of world-class bourbon tasting experiences last night.

Indianapolis to Louisville County Road
Driving at my speed on a beautiful county road

Driving from Indianapolis to Louisville Cheat Sheet

Accommodation in Louisville

  • Hotel Genevieve, 30 E Market St, Louisville, KY 40202, A fabulous boutique hotel in Louisville, the location is phenomenal, with many restaurants, bars, and things to do. The neighborhood, East Market District, feels safe and has a great vibe all around. The room was perfect, and the rooftop bar was incredible.

Where to eat and what to see between Indianapolis to Louisville

  • The Eagle, 1314 Bardstown Rd, Louisville, KY 40204, You’re in Kentucky – you have to try fried chicken, right? The one you get at this place is phenomenal.
  • Brown Hotel, 335 W Broadway, Louisville, KY 40202. The most iconic food in Louisville, the Hot Brown, was invented in this hotel, as the name suggests. It consists of turkey, bacon, tomatoes, and melted cheese on an open sandwich—not my favorite dish ever, if I can be honest
  • Taste Fine Wines and Bourbons, 335 W Broadway, Louisville, KY 40202, I decided to have a bourbon tasting experience here because the place was literally 2 blocks from the hotel. They have an incredible selection of different bourbons from all over the country, and the bartender was very competent.

Louisville Fried Chicken
Fried Chicken in Kentucky, obv…

Louisville Hot Brown at the Brown hotel
The Hot Brown a Louisville specialty… I didn’t really understood it…

Driving from Indianapolis to Louisville FAQ

How long does it take to drive from Indianapolis IN to Louisville KY?

The drive from Indianapolis, IN, to Louisville, KY, takes less than 2 hours. However, it took me more than 5 hours due to multiple stops and a personalized itinerary.

How many miles are from Indianapolis IN to Louisville KY?

The shortest route from Indianapolis, IN, to Louisville, KY, is 115 miles. However, I drove 161 miles—not only because I was trying to stay off the highway as much as possible but also because the countryside, especially as we approached Kentucky, was very picturesque.

What’s the best thing about driving from Indianapolis IN to Louisville KY?

My favorite thing was getting (almost) lost on the beautiful county roads.

What are the major attractions along the way in a road trip from Indianapolis IN to Louisville KY?

There aren’t many major attractions until you reach Louisville, which is relatively small but quite charming. I was pleasantly surprised, as I wasn’t expecting it.

What type of car is best to drive from Indianapolis IN to Louisville KY?

Any car would suffice for the drive. However, if the weather permits, driving a convertible – especially in the stretch closer to Kentucky – would be quite enjoyable.

Photos taken from Indianapolis and Louisville

Louisville bourbon tasting
Bourbon tasting in Louisville

Indianapolis to Louisville county road
Approaching Kentucky: beautifully smooth rolling hills

Indianapolis to Louisville county road
No one around for miles

Indianapolis to Louisville county road
Another lovely road in southern Indiana

Indianapolis to Louisville county road
A little adventure on an an unpaved stretch

Indianapolis to Louisville county road
Pink trees and white fences

My two weeks itinerary on a Chicago to New Orleans road trip

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